Find your Accommodation


Almost any restaurant on the island of Rab will offer a nice variety of grilled fish or meat, accompanied with a nice pasta, pizza or a salad just like we like to eat in the Mediterranean. Gastro adventurers should look for rustic taverns (we call them Konoba) or restaurants marked as Kvarner Gourmet, where they can enjoy a larger selection of local dishes, as well as better selections of wines.


Barmens of Rab (now that's a tongue twister) designed a cocktail called "The Happy Island" to celebrate colors and flavors of Rab, so be sure to try it, at the beach or wherever you think is best. Most bars on the island of Rab offer domestic and imported beers, as well as an assortment of vines and spirits. 


Bakers and ice cream makers have been a part of the island life for a long time, making Rab rich in local cakes and sweets, like Vilma. Known for their pralines and assorted cookies, Vilma exports their products to Japan, but the only place where you can try them fresh is right here on Rab. Enjoy!